Add a whole new level of excitement to your linking experience – use Edmodo!


Word on the street is that there is a new tool around which will inject a whole new level of excitement to your linking journey this year. What is this wonderful tool we hear you cry? The answer is Edmodo.

Edmodo is a free, virtual learning platform, where educators can share information in various forms such as word documents, PowerPoints or photographs (the list could go on). It’s easy to use and navigate. One of its most unique selling points is that it is recommended by Education IT experts as being safe and secure to use by teachers in the classroom. Only group members can see what is being shared and in order to join a particular group, you must have the group code. This might sound a little complicated, but the folk here at TLN have taken care of all the admin side of things so all that remains for you is to log onto Edmodo, have a play around to familiarise yourself with it and start sharing with your link class!

Edmodo really does give you the opportunity to reinforce and enhance the linking work you are already doing in class and also builds excitement with the children being able to see what has been shared by their link class. Through the use of this valuable learning tool, you will be able to strengthen the link between classes from both schools by exchanging information. You could also use this as a way of tracking the messages exchanged by each teacher so that they are all in one place and easy to find. You can use it as much or as little as you want, so why not use the power of technology to enhance your linking experience? Please contact Nahida Nazir, Project Officer, on if you would like more information on Edmodo.