Building Links in Buckinghamshire


During the course of the last year, five Year 12 students from Dr Challoner’s Grammar School participated in a number of events with Year 11 students from Stony Dean School in Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

Reflecting on their linking experience, students from Dr Challoner’s Grammar School have worked in collaboration to write an article on their time spent with Stony Dean students.

Georgia, Tyler and Jack shared what they learnt from the link, “Our experience of the project enabled us to meet new people and to develop our social skills. We learnt how to work well together in a team in outdoor activities, which also helped us to understand what is involved in some of the tasks that the Council undertakes. Lastly, and importantly, we made new friendships, had fun and enjoyed ourselves very much”.

To read the full article and watch a video on the link, please click on the link below: