A series of creative writing resources to help promote literacy and self-expression including the popular Book List reading list, Poems and song list to support school linking work.


The Wild Book


Inspiration for Learning – this resource is based on the award-winning book ‘The Wild Book’ by the Cuban-American poet Margarita Engle. The Wild Book is a vibrant novel in verse, which paints a glowing portrait of the author’s grandmother as a young girl. These activities engage students in discussions around the potential barriers to learning, concepts of hope and a sense of belonging.

KEY STAGE: 2 – 4
TIME: 60 minutes
LEARNING STYLE: Group Activity

The Island


Using The Island by Armin Greder to explore concepts of anger, fear and hostility.
KS3 | 60 Mins | Teacher led

A great picture book to explore ‘fitting in’, how we fit into different groups and the way we include people who join us.

An activity using the book Skin Again to deal with the potentially controversial issue of skin colour and identity in a safe manner.

This picture book illustrating the 30 rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a great way to think about how we all live together, and should respect each others’ rights.
KS2 | 60 Mins | Group

Book List


This book list shares details of the books used or made reference to in TLN’s teaching resources and linking activities.

Ideas for using the book Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne to think critically about how we all live together.
KS2 | 30 Mins | Group

A series of activities using the book Silence Seeker by Ben Morley to explore the nature of our local place and how we live together.

KS2/3 | 60 Mins | Teacher led

A KS1 activity that uses two stories to explore the ideas of sharing, helping each other, and understanding that we are all linked.

KS1 | 30 Mins | Teacher led

Using the picture book ‘What Friends Do Best’ by Jonathan Emmett and Nathan Reed to explore how working together is sometimes the only way to get things done.

KS1 | 30 Mins | Teacher led

A series of questioning activities to explore the illustrated children’s story ‘Willy the Wimp’

KS2 | 60 Mins | Teacher led