Linking Resources

Teaching resources specifically aimed at school linking and exchanging information through our four key questions, including structured lesson plans and identity work.


A resource template to guide KS1 learners to create hand shaped
pictures following discussion about Who am I? and Who are we?

From Buckinghamshire County Council
KS1 | 30 Mins | Individual

Template pupils can start from to make a powerpoint about themselves or their classs.
KS2 | 60 Mins | Individual

Template to make a passport booklet that teaches often choose for exchanging with a linked class.
KS2 | 60 Mins | Individual

Downloadable jigsaw template often used for exchanging with a linked class.
KS2 | 45 Mins | Individual

Where I’m from and I am poem ideas.

Lesson activity suggestions: Names, Identity Circles, Jigsaw, I am, Coat of Arms, and Cross the Line.
KS2 | 60 Mins | Teacher led

An example of a linking day plan made for teachers visiting a neutral venue.



Active ideas for the classroom: name & lie, geoscape mapping & drama.

KS2 | 30 Mins | Teacher led

Over 20 ideas for circle games and warm up activities.

KS2 | 15 Mins | Teacher led

An initiative building task and fun challenge for students.

KS2 | 25 Mins | Teacher led

This activity provides instructions and criteria for success for a Tower Building Egg Holding Challenge, which can be used as a class linking visit activity.

KS2 | 60 Mins | Teacher led, group activity