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The Linking Network supports schools and communities to develop a positive, cohesive ethos through schools linking, intergenerational linking, classroom resources and SMSC teacher training.


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Our first CPD for #schoolslinking is underway and it's such a pleasure to meet teachers from #Derby who are ready to start the #schoolslinking journey for this academic year. @DerbyCC

Looking forward to co-delivering CPD1, with @Linking_Network later today, to teachers from @Lawn_Primary
and @akaalprimary - #Derby #SchoolsLinking Programme


We are so looking forward to linking up with Abbeydale Residential Care Home as part of the intergenerational linking project with @Linking_Network @MyHomeLifeUK and @CLAS_EAL #learninglovingandgrowing #togetherasGodschildren

Going to be late for work now but had to stop to post this. The first of @pennywpennyw #PrimaryThree on @PrimEduVoices podcast 28 big ideas of @Linking_Network is just so brilliant! So important too given the bubble confines of the last year and a half.

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