We support children and young people to explore identity, build connections & strengthen communities so we can all live well together.

Through our work, children and young people feel connected to those around them, develop a sense of belonging to their local, national and global communities and  take action to create welcoming, kind and connected communities.


Our work

4 ways we can work with you

1. Schools Linking

Build links between schools and help students connect with others from different backgrounds in the local area.

Schools Linking

2. Intergenerational Linking

Bring younger and older people together to share time, experiences, stories, and build connections.

Intergenerational Linking

3. SMSC Training

Access resources, guidance and training to enhance the delivery of SMSC development in your school or teacher training setting

SMSC Training

4. Teaching Resources

Classroom resources created by teachers supporting SMSC, Social Action, PSHE and Citizenship.

Teaching Resources

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Our impact across 4 key areas

We have over 20 years of experience creating meaningful and practical ways for young people to get to know people around them and nurture a sense of shared local identity.

1. Social Action

We unlock young people’s vision of themselves as active citizens with the confidence, skills and pride in their communities needed to contribute fully to society.

2. Educational Achievement

Our work is embedded in the curriculum, rooted in effective pedagogy and aligned to Ofsted expectations and so contributes to reducing the achievement gap.

3. Wellbeing

Our work improves self-esteem and boosts positive feelings of belonging, purpose and trust.

4. Confidence in contact

Our work offers students the interpersonal communication skills, social confidence and critical thinking skills needed for later life.

Through our work each year, we reach:


young people in 27 Local Authority Areas reached through Schools Linking


children and young people from 110 schools in 11 Local Authority Areas reached through Intergenerational Linking


children and young people a year reached through SMSC training and support

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