The Bradford Schools Linking Project in its 16th Year.


This year’s Bradford Schools Linking Project is underway with 2340 children in 78 classes from 48 primary schools taking part in the project this year.

Pairs of linking teachers gathered for training led by Linda Cowie and Meg Henry at Margaret McMillan Towers in Bradford. Classes have met for the first time at Cartwright Hall Museum, Nell Bank Outdoor Activity Centre in Ilkley, Bradford Cathedral and Kala Sangam as a neutral venue.  They are now underway meeting at each other’s schools, taking part in activities designed to get them talking and learning about one another, practising the vital skills of friendliness in the process.

The Linking Network provides support throughout the year, delivering CPD in the autumn and spring terms at which teachers plan their work for the coming term.

Teachers are positive about the impact linking has on pupils, stating at our latest training session:

“Children have learnt how to meet, speak with and respect children they may not come into contact with on a day to day basis, to challenge stereotypes and have a strong sense of personal identity.”

“My children can become so entrenched in their own religion and culture, so to be introduced to a different culture and belief system has been very beneficial and has opened their eyes to diversity and tolerance.”

We are thoroughly enjoying working with the teachers to support them during what will hopefully be another successful year.

The learning from linking in Bradford is shared with many other local areas across the country from Luton, Stockport, Pendle, Calderdale, Kirklees, Oldham, Bolton projects successfully using the linking training and resources we develop through the Bradford project.