Schools Linking National Programme Network Day


On 20th March 2017 The Linking Network hosted a network day for the Schools Linking National Programme. The National Linking Day in Bradford.

It was an extremely positive event full of energy and included delegates across the country from Kent to Manchester to Bradford. Existing linking areas and new areas planning to embark on linking came from a total of 20 different places including Birmingham, Blackburn with Darwen, Bolton, Bradford, Buckinghamshire, Derby, Kent, Kirklees, London, Luton, Manchester, Oldham, Pendle, Rochdale, Rotherham, Sheffield, Stockport, Waltham Forest with colleagues from Calderdale and Burnley on board but unable to join the day this time.

The Linking Day kicked off with a welcome from Meg and Linda of the Linking Network who provided deeper insight into the components of establishing and facilitating a linking programme including making connections with others in a local area, arranging high quality linking CPD training for linking teachers, rooting the work in curriculum, connecting to educational expectations, finding partners who will deliver neutral venue visits for children and young people to meet for the first time and creating distinct district wide sustainable linking programme. Local programmes with national backing.

For existing areas the goal is to sustain and expand the linking work and for new areas there will be a minimum of 14 classes linking starting in September. The ambition is to create distinct local projects with deep rooted local connections, connected with curriculum teaching and learning with strong national backing.

The Three Faiths Forum (3FF) spoke about building understanding between people of different faiths and beliefs. They have used the Schools Linking model effectively to provide opportunities for young people of different faiths to link together.

In the afternoon Kirklees facilitator David Raven Hill gathered everyone’s  thoughts on a vision for the Network, then Rob Unwin from DECSY introduced strategies for dialogue in linking using Philosophy for Children ‘P4C’. Chris Shannahan from the Centre for Peace, Trust and Social Relations at Coventry University led a final session on evaluation to close an encouraging day together.  

Please contact us at if you would like to find out about the expanding schools linking national programme.