Secondary SMSC Leaders meet to promote inclusion and challenge HBT bullying


The Linking Network SMSC group of Secondary Leaders from across Bradford met at Oasis Lister Park Academy to discuss approaches to combat homophobic bullying and improve LGBT pupil welfare in Schools.

The workshop focused on “promoting inclusion and challenging HBT prejudice” in schools and was led by Alastair Ross, an accredited Stonewall Trainer based in the North of England. During the session teachers discussed the importance of protecting students, why we need to tackle this in schools and ways to do this. Research shows that 92 per cent of secondary school teachers believe that school staff have a duty to tackle homophobic bullying but 80% of teachers have not had any specific training on how to tackle homophobic bullying. Teachers considered strategies for clear teaching about Human Rights, the indivisibility of equalities and placing teaching about homophobic bullying and attitudes to LGBT students under this umbrella.

At the workshop teachers discussed communicating with parents, being sensitive to faith, making time for staff training, discussing challenging ‘banter’ and having a whole school approach to bullying in all its forms in order tackle prejudice behaviour and improve the lives of students by promoting kindness and inclusiveness in schools.

HBT bullying stands for Homophobic, Biphobic and Transphobic bullying and this can include verbal, physical, or mental bullying. LGBT students are at risk in many schools across the UK and risk being ostracised, isolated and threatened with verbal and physical abuse.

Stonewall provides a tool kit for teachers to tackle bullying in schools so that all students regardless of their sexual identity or sexual orientation can flourish and be accepted without exception. As part of the pack Stonewall provides definitions of terms that help teachers to understand and differentiate between the different needs of students according to their sexual or gender identity.

There is also a toolkit for Primary Schools.

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TLN is very grateful to currently receive funding from Culham St Gabriel’s Trust in Oxford that enables our action research into the impact of an SMSC Network on secondary leaders practice in promoting SMSC.