Bradford thanks Pears Foundation for consistent support at Civic Reception


Last month Bradford City Council held a civic reception in celebration of the support to Bradford from the Pears Foundation through the Bradford Schools Linking Programme and to welcome speakers from the charity Solutions Not Sides.

The Lord Mayor of Bradford, Council Geoff Reid, said: “The Pears Foundation have remained committed and involved in The Linking Network, supporting the project and the team every step of the way and believing in its importance. They have consistently travelled to Bradford to visit schools, listening to and talking with students and teachers about their thoughts, their hopes and their challenges. They have done this quietly and without fanfare and this is a great opportunity to say thank you.”

“The schools linking programme delivered by The Linking Network helps young people from across the Bradford district to meet and form relationships with others that they might never normally come across in their own lives. In the last decade 25,000 Bradford children and their teachers have taken part from schools across the district, meeting others to promote good relations, exploring identity, diversity, community, equality and enjoying working and learning together.”

The Linking Network has received funding and support from the Pears foundation since they first started school linking projects back in 2003. Since then Pears has continued to show support and invest in the work of the charity, travelling to Bradford to see and hear stories from those involved in the linking projects.

As part of supporting schools to promote the personal development of students The Linking Network have supported the organisation Solutions Not Sides which brings young peace activist speakers from Palestine and Israel to the UK. Sixth form students in 16 secondary schools in Bradford were able to hear from the speakers and discuss their experiences of the conflict with the aim of facilitating solution-focused discussion.

At the Linking Network we greatly appreciate the support from Pears and found the event enjoyable and a great way to thank those who help our linking projects come to life. The Lord Mayor, The Linking Network team, local faith and council representatives expressed their appreciation and extended a warm welcome to the speakers from Israel and Palestine and the team from SNS along with representatives from the Pears Foundation.

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