We are All Born Free is a “must read” for all children


We are all Born Free is a stunning and powerful book by produced by Amnesty International recommended for all school children from 8-11 years to help them understand human rights.


The book explores and illustrates the universal declaration of human rights adopted by the United Nations in 1948. The beautiful pictures and universal ideals for life have the power to transform the next generation.


As Dr Who actor David Tenant states in the introduction, the book lays out the rights in a ‘clear and uncomplicated’ manner using beautiful pictures to capture these ‘thirty rules for the world to live by’ regardless of place of birth, religion, race or gender.


The illustrations in the book have been produced by an amazing collection of artists from all over the world. Each of the human rights has a different corresponding image making it bright interesting and varied for children to read. The opening page states simply but powerfully:


“We are all born free and equal,

We all have our own thoughts and ideas.

We should all be treated in the same way.

These rights belong to everybody, whatever our differences.”


Complex rights are illustrated carefully allowing teachers to convey the meanings to students in sensitive way.


At the end of the book is a simplified version of the universal declaration by Amnesty International that includes all 30 Articles.


“We do believe every primary school should own this book, it is such a fantastic visual resource to explain human rights in a meaningful way inspiring children to value democracy, freedom, liberty and respect for diversity.” Meg & Linda, Directors of TLN.


At The Linking Network we have recently written a pack of 43 lessons which develop the concepts of democracy, liberty, rule of law and respect for diversity across the primary age range from Reception to Year 6. Several of the lessons are based on the inspiring images in We are all born free.


The book is published and distributed by Amnesty. A few years ago Academy Award Winning actress Emma Thompson made a generous donation enabling all primary schools to have a copy for free. We were delighted to work with Amnesty to pass copies onto schools engaged in linking and training we were delivering and this was hugely appreciated. Many secondary colleagues we know love the book too using it with 11-14 year olds as well. Thankyou Emma and thank you Amnesty from many teachers and many children who have loved the book over time!