The Linking Network Supports The Great Get Together


On the weekend of the 16th-18th June, The Great Get Together will be taking place across the country, and they are asking schools to take part with a special assembly on Friday 16th June. This will be part of over 108,000 events being organised and it would be fantastic if your school could be part of the fun.  The Linking Network has been involved in writing the assembly and lesson resources and we fully support the initiative and its aims.

Inspired by MP Jo Cox, who was tragically murdered last year, The Great Get Together aims to bring together communities, neighbours, pupils and friends to share and celebrate all that we hold in common. Jo spent a lot of time in schools and truly believed in the importance of inspiring younger generations to be good citizens in their communities.

The Great Get Together will be a fantastic weekend, with thousands of activities taking place across the country – ranging from street parties to BBQs, dog shows to scarecrow festivals, bake-offs to multi-faith Iftars to break the Ramadan fast. Why not get groups of different ages together during your school day for an in school Great Get Together, play Invisible Similarities and list the things children or students find they have in common onto paper around the hashtag #MoreInCommon.

Assembly resources are available to download on the schools page of The Great Get Together website. These include: assembly packs (pre-school, primary, secondary and sixth-form), assembly PowerPoints (pre-school, primary, secondary and sixth-form) which include a video on The Great Get Together, and a teacher guidance document written by the PSHE Association on how the assembly fits into the PSHE curriculum. Some of the resources used will be recognised by teachers engaged in leading The Linking Network days as they are much loved Schools Linking activities such as Invisible Similarities and Differences and Change Places.

If you are able to take part, the team working on The Great Get Together would love to hear what your school is planning. So please fill in this form to let them know. Additionally, if you’d like to share your Get Together on social media on the day, please use the hashtags #MoreInCommon and #GreatGetTogether or email to let the team know how you get on – they’d love to hear from you.

We’re looking forward to working together to make The Great Get Together a moment of national unity that inspires pupils to celebrate all they hold in common.

For more information visit The Great Get Together website.