Something else by Kathryn Cave


This week the team at TLN thought we’d recommend one of our classroom resource books that explores the meaning of tolerance and inclusion. Something Else by Kathryn Cave, with Chris Riddell illustrations, is a simple story about a creature who is different to those around him and told he is ‘not like us’. Despite his best efforts, he just doesn’t feel like he belongs. Cave’s beautifully written book explores social acceptance and how individuals cope when they feel as if they don’t belong, as well as the efforts we can make to be friends with someone who is being excluded.

Considering big questions such as ‘who am I’ and ‘who are we together?’, this book recognises the importance of identity whilst promoting community and diversity.

For guidance with classroom activities and downloadable resources about the book, follow this link:

To ensure you get the most out of this resource we highly recommend you purchase the book Something Else by Kathryn Cave & Chris Riddell 1995 Puffin Books ISBN: 978-0140549072