A week working with the Linking Network



Jaweria is a year 10 student who has been on working experience with us for the last week. At the end of the week, Jaweria put a piece together on her time working with us.

When I first started my work experience at the Linking Network I was quite nervous. Upon meeting everyone and being introduced on the first day I began to feel more and more comfortable. They surely welcomed me with open arms and made feel right at home in this professional environment. Things such as safety procedures had been thoroughly explained so I was never uncertain of what to do. At first I was unsure of the work the Linking Network did and how it impacted children’s lives for the better. When being included in their meeting I almost immediately understood their role in the community and how much children as well as adults benefitted from the work they are doing as they broadened the minds of many children across the country. The next day I was able to attend a  parent linking event. This brought people with different backgrounds closer together and helped them create trust bonds to awaken friendships. The different activities helped communications to be made which resulted in the atmosphere becoming livelier. Once introduced the adults then continued to communicate and humour was also brought up in the process. As the linking event continued the adults felt as they could be more open and soon they began to share personal experiences and events in their life. It became visible that they were becoming more comfortable and a sense of trust was forming in the room. The next day was quite a busy day. I took part in a linking event between two schools, Nessfield Primary and Heaton St Barnabas. The group work was very creative. The children got stuck in and never failed to impress with their linking partners. Some had very strong bonds with their peers and were soft-hearted towards them. The exercises being used brought the children together and created a sense of excitement and happiness between pupils. The final task was a collage themed. This helped everyone cool down and communicate more by talking instead of using physical activity to do so. The pupils seemed sad to say goodbye to their linking partners, as well as the Linking Network team. Friday was the final day of which I would be working with the Linking Network. They had shown me so much about how this particular organisation has helped mould and shape minds to help people of a range of ages come together and celebrate diversity and ethnicity. This has been a wonderful and life changing experience and has made me realise there is no need to be nervous about meeting new people. The Linking network crew has inspired me to believe I can make a difference if I try and never give up. This is certainly something I will cherish for the rest of my life and I owe it to them for making me believe. ‘In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take’.