First Linking Visits All Wrapped Up Before Christmas in Derby


Global Education Derby have just completed facilitating 10 neutral venue visits for our 20 classes who are taking part in the Derby Schools Linking Programme this year.

With a rotation of 3 workshops, baseline and ice-breaker activities – everyone told us they enjoyed their day!

Here’s a quote from a teacher at a school in Derby, talking about their favourite activities: “The workshop that involved finding out information about your partner and making badges for them was memorable, particularly since the children had their badge to take home with them. Many of them arrived at school wearing them on Friday! Also, the workshop involving the spider’s web allowed the children to work together and built a real sense of team, together with the story that showed how we are all connected. Both these workshops offered the children the chance to work together and find things out about each other.”

… and another quote from a teacher at a special education school, who are partnered with a mainstream school (speaking about what their students gained):
“Our students gained communication and PSHE skills, through meeting other children and sharing common interests, as children in (our school) do not always get the chance to mix with mainstream schools.”

Global Education Derby are part of The Linking Network, 26 Schools Linking Programmes across the country.

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