Let’s Talk….


The Linking Network team were excited to support the first Manningham Youth Talk of 2019 which took place a few weeks ago and start the new term off with a bang! Year 12 students from Bradford Grammar School and Oasis Academy Lister Park met together after school to share their views and experiences on planning the future. Students talked about the challenges of making informed decisions about future work and study plans, how to balance their own passions and ambitions with the hopes and expectations of school, parents and family. The students came from a wide range of backgrounds and enjoyed hearing each others experiences of navigating this exciting but tricky time in their lives.

We’ll be meeting fortnightly during term-time and upcoming topics selected by the students include the legalisation of drugs, whether recycling really makes a difference to the environment and others. We believe providing opportunities like MYT are important as they ensure students from different backgrounds and experiences meet each other as well as creating space for students to explore their own beliefs and learn about the beliefs and views of others. It’s also really important for all of us to keep practicing the skills needed to live together well and we believe that learning how to disagree well is a big part of that.

Manningham Youth Talks is a discussion group which was set up by a group of young people primarily living or attending school/college in the Bradford 8 and Bradford 9 districts. Our primary purpose is to promote communication and cohesion within the local community, and to provide a platform for young people to discuss controversial issues which are relevant to today.