We’re ‘All In’ with Mencap



Here at The Linking Network we’ve been partnering with Mencap on their exciting ‘All In Award’.  This initiative enables young people with and without learning difficulties to learn a new skill together.  Some of the innovative programmes that are already up and running include filming with UNESCO City Of Film at Hanson School, a drama performance by Beckfoot and Hazelbeck students and circus skills at Bradford Academy.  Mencap’s Regional Project Officer, Mary Threadgould is overseeing the project in the north;

“The All In Award is an inclusive activity award for children aged 8- 13. The aim is for children to work together, and support each other, to achieve common goals and learn new skills.  The project has been designed in partnership with University College London to understand the impact on the attitudes of children with and without learning disabilities towards each other.  Also the willingness and self-efficacy of children without a learning disability to interact with their peers with learning disabilities and the formation of mutual friendships as a result of inclusive activity centred around achieving a team goal.  It’s been fantastic to see the diverse range of activities that the schools in Bradford have been involved with and the positive impact this has had on the children taking part.”


This is a truly inspiring project and we feel incredibly privileged to be a part of it and witness the amazing work that is happening thanks to the work of teachers in schools across the district.  Watch this space for more about how Mencap’s ‘All In Award’ is breaking down barriers and upskilling young people across Bradford!