Collaborative artwork in Walsall


The Walsall Schools Linking Programme was launched in the Autumn term 2018 and Linking CPD1 and CPD2 have now taken place, with lots of positive feedback from the teachers involved. Fourteen classes are linking this year.  One of the first meetings happened in March, with Year 5 at North Walsall Primary Academy and Caldmore Primary Academy’s Year 5 class.  They chose to go to Walsall Football Club for their first get together.  In April, the students from Butts Primary and Palfrey Juniors met for the first time at the New Art Gallery, Walsall and worked together to produce some brilliant collaborative collagraphed prints! Pupils worked closely with each other thus making meaningful contacts at the same time. The children found out what they had in common and got to know each other.   Activities included poly printing, discovering artwork and discussion.

The class lead from one school said, “The activities have proven to be a simple and effective way to get the kids to engage. The impact of this has been really positive! The children have been working together and learning about not just the art, but the story of the artists behind the art.  The artists coming from different backgrounds and upbringing will inspire the children to have high aspirations in life.”

One of the children from Millfield school exclaimed, “It was the best day of my life!”

St. Patrick’s Primary and Blakenall Heath Juniors; Millfield Primary and Alumwell Junior Schools also visited The New Art Gallery Walsall for their first visit.  It is great to see so much collaborative artwork being made!


Lutfur Rahman