We Are We


Our National Network includes 26 local authority areas who are supporting the Schools Linking Programme in their locality. Erica Field leads the work in Rochdale and shared with us a lovely poetry based piece of work they have used in their linking work.

Belonging, a sense of affinity, of being part of something larger can feel so important when we are growing up. In Rochdale, ever diverse and steeped in cooperative history, the idea resonates.  One of the things that we love about Schools Linking is the way the it celebrates a sense of self while championing a sense of belonging.  We wanted to find a way to capture this.

We worked with a small group of children to come up with a structure for a poem.

I am

He is

She is

You are

They are

I am me but

We are we

Every Linking child in Rochdale was invited to complete the verse and then each class was invited to select their favourite and contribute it to the collective poem.  A number of classes combined their individual ideas to create something new.  We have had some wonderful submissions.  Each verse is unique and each verse belongs in the poem.  So, I am me but WE are Rochdale.

There is a selection of the poems available to see on Twitter, have a look at @RochdaleCouncil or on @Linking_Network around April 11th to see more of this lovely work.