Linking through Song at Bury Met


The Bury Schools Linking Programme was launched in the Autumn term 2018, led for Bury Council by the Curriculum and Language Access Service (CLAS).

Ten primary schools are involved, linking approximately 310 children from ten classes. The Programme got off to a great start with teacher training for linked schools held on 20thNovember 2018, and a second session on 5th March 2019.   Schools began their neutral venue visits at the start of 2019, with David Brookhouse and John Meredith from Lancashire County Council Heritage Learning Team leading the sessions at Bury Met.   Harriet Morgan-Shami, Outreach Manager at the Met, arranged everything at the Met end of things, along with her colleagues Phil Bulleyment and Sophie Cade.

David and John led the workshops with the children, where they created a song with a focus on the themes Who Am I?,  Who are We?, Where Do We Live? andHow Do We All Live Together?.

The sessions were very successful, as the following comments show:

I thought it was fun because we made new friends.

I had a lot of fun and found we had a lot in common.

My favourite things were-the man recording the song. John and Dave were really funny too. 

It was exciting meeting new people from another school.

I thought that everyone was kind and friendly and it was easy to make new friends.

One of the headteachers commented:

‘I would like to say thank you for giving our children this opportunity. The children and staff have really gained a rich experience from this. They also really enjoyed their neutral venue experience as well and came back with a buzz of excitement after creating their song.’

4/5B enjoyed a fun filled day at ‘The Met Bury’ on Wednesday. They thoroughly enjoyed singing, playing and creating music with the children from St Mary’s. The children celebrated living in Bury and learnt new things about Bury’s history in a fun and inspiring way.

Marya – ‘I loved making new friends from St Mary’s, it was also great that we were able to create and record a song all about Bury.’

Saim – ‘ I made two amazing new friends from St Mary’s they were very funny and made me smile. I look forward to meeting with them again in the future.

A big thank you to everyone involved.  We are now looking forward to the summer term exchange visits!

You can read more about the project on the Bury Met website:


Janna Welsby, CLAS(Curriculum and Language Access Service) Bury Council –