Getting Creative through Secondary School Linking


We are always pleased to be supporting schools across Bradford and nationally with Secondary School Linking. One of the most surprising elements of linking at Secondary level is how creative many of our schools are. Such creativity allows pupils to immerse themselves in meaningful dialogue and interaction with other students that they would not normally get a chance to meet.

There are so many great examples of such creativity. One link is planned around creating a larger than life thought provoking sculpture using recycled plastics to raise awareness on the importance of recycling. (Tate Modern- please get in touch if you would like to use this as an exhibition piece)! Whilst another link is bringing pupils together through performing arts. At the same time, we have many links based around the curriculum such as a Year 8 maths challenge, Religious Education, BTEC in hospitality management, SMSC and British Values to name but a few.

Secondary pupils taking linking to new heights on their first neutral venue visit to the High Ropes at Doe Park in Bradford!

There is no shortage of great ideas out there and most importantly secondary school linking is a great way to enhance learning outside of the classroom context and build character! Currently we have 17 secondary schools across the Bradford district engaged with our school linking programme and many more schools nationally, so if you would like to join in- then please get in touch with