Superb Social Action; taking part in nature related activities together!


We would like to extend a huge thank you to #iwill, The Eden Project and Pears, who kindly funded and organised our teachers to have #iwillfornature activity boxes; they have absolutely loved the boxes and we have had lots of positive feedback from teachers and children! These fabulous resources are accessible, quick and easy to use; enabling teachers to confidently include more opportunities for social action for nature in their teaching, encouraging children to play their part in making the world a better place.

The iwill campaign website has lots of reading on this area of work.

Linking pupils in Buckinghamshire also recently took part in planting #iwillfornature with the Town Council and ‘Amersham in Bloom’.  Pupils Georgia, Tyler and Jack said “Our experience of the project enabled us to meet new people and to develop our social skills. We learnt how to work well together in a team in outdoor activities, which also helped us to understand what is involved in some of the tasks that the Council undertakes. Lastly, and importantly, we made new friendships, had fun and enjoyed ourselves very much”.

Social action can have wide reaching benefits to pupils; helping attendance, improving academic standards and developing strong outcomes in personal development, behaviour and welfare, to name but a few.  How social action is being applied to good effect in a selection of schools and colleges(OFSTED 2016). The new Ofsted 2019 framework emphasises volunteering, moral development, developing understanding of ethical issues and connecting with others, and developing character all of which are supported by engaging in social action.

At TLN we have used the fantastic work done by The Eden Project and developed a rage of resources to support social action in 2020. Click here to see more.

You can also find The Eden Project’s wonderful array of resources and materials here.