Bradford Primary Schools Linking first visits – Thank Yous!


Between October and February, a whopping 72 neutral venue visits have taken place across the Bradford District between pairs of linked primary classes taking part in the Bradford Schools Linking Programme. We continue to be so grateful to be working in partnership with education teams in venues across the district so that the first meetings between link classes are an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Nell Bank Outdoor Education Centre has hosted linking classes playing lively getting to know you games before linking pairs squelched happily together in their wellies during their wood walk, made huge leaf piles, enjoyed time together on the adventure playground and through all the activities had time to talk together.







Bradford Museums and Art Gallery – Cartwright Hall, the Industrial Museum and Cliffe Castle -host pairs of linking classes to meet and learn in the different gallery spaces together. This included exploring the Hockney gallery at Cartwright Hall the machinery at the Industrial Museum, stained glass windows At Cliffe Castle.  Linking groups worked together to create shared maps of Bradford and Cliffe Castle saw linking pairs working together to build bird boxes and hedgehog houses- power tools and all (with careful adult supervision of course!).


Kala Sangam and Bradford Cathedral have continued their partnership to offer children the chance to work in these two amazing spaces so that linking classes take part in different collaborative drama activities together, tour to linking partners going on a tour of the Cathedral before making shared linking shields together.


We were so pleased to work with Bradford Council and Police Museum staff to create a new Schools Linking neutral visit in  City Hall. The days were a great success. Getting to know you Circle Games in the Banqueting Hall were memorable as was drama in the Magistrates Court and a tour by the Police Museum of the prison cells.  Children worked collaboratively with an artist to create a collective image of City Hall to take back to display in each school.






With pairs of linking classes now looking forward to their class visits over the Spring and Summer terms, our aim is neutral venue visits have allowed children in linking classes to make great first connections and that individual linking journeys have got off to a brilliant start.


We would like to say a huge thank you to all the education teams at Bradford Cathedral, Kala Sangam, Cartwright Hall, Cliffe Castle, the Industrial Museum, Nell Bank and City Hall for all the hard work in ensuring that these visits are successful and a great experience for all involved.


If you are interested in further information about the Bradford Primary Schools Linking Programme please contact