Resources for Families and for Schools


At The Linking Network we have created a new area of the website we’ve called Home Learning for resources for families to use at home with their children and for secondary school students working at home. We hope it will help all schools providing education for children of key workers. It has 9 areas:
Who am I? exploring identity
Who are we? helping children think about diversity within their own family and beyond
Where do we? live helping children look and learn about their local area and the thinks we love about nature and the wider world.
How do we all live together? exploring the kindness, friendliness and care needed for us to live well together. It also has resources to help children think about our need for democracy, liberty and freedom, rules that keep us all safe and the importance of respect for everyone.
Staying Connected explore ways that we can stay connected while physically apart.
Good to Talk with resources to help children and families talk together
Books sharing some of the SchoolsLinking programme favourites for children to share with adults at home and new links to author readings
Secondary provides a range of resources for secondary students to consider ideas such as community, avoiding fake news, structuring their day, feelings, reflecting on ways to cope and reflect on the impact of others on their lives
Songs contains 10 singalong songs with words that we love that we think build friendship and compasssion.
Intergenerational shares resources to connect the generations while they are apart physically.
We have a new website area  We also have a new facebook page for Family Learning

For everyone at home we have created a powerpoint attached here of resource ideas for families to use that we have made and also others that we have seen. We will keep adding to this.

We’ve taken the password off our website area for schools linking teachers so that it is open access for everyone.