An Opportunity to Explore a Special Place in the Community


A New Venue: Bradford City Hall

Taking part in the linking programme not only gives pupils to meet and make connections with people they wouldn’t otherwise have the chance of meeting; it also gives children the chance to explore identity and think about community. Earlier this year,  neutral venue visits to City Hall (a new venue in 2020), allowed pupils to not only meet for the first time but do so in a building that is so important to Bradford and its history.


For many children, it was a shared first experience of being inside City Hall and it gave linking partners the opportunity to take in the wonder of this magnificent building together. During the day, pupils played circle games in the banqueting hall, created shared artwork of City Hall and enjoyed taking part in drama activities in the courtroom (which also included a tour of the prison cells, which for many was an absolute highlight!). The schools pictured here are brand new to the programme this year. We are delighted that we could offer this opportunity to linked schools this year and are very grateful to have had the support of Bradford Council in organising these visits- they have been a great success!