It’s Good to Talk (Virtually) – how to have good virtual meetings


For many of us the world of work has changed a lot in recent weeks. If you’re fortunate enough to still be working then you’ll possibly have found yourself having to use online platforms for meetings with colleagues. There’s definite advantages to online meetings (no commute, only the top half of an outfit to prepare, you can put whatever you like into your mug and you get to choose the best biscuits). However, they are a new skill to master and there’s plenty of room for things to go wrong!

At The Linking Network our work is all about connecting people and building relationships with people we’ve not met before. Bridging the divides between us feels more important than ever but with most of the world still in lockdown and observing social distancing for some time to come, we need to be ready to explore digital ways to bring people together.

We’ve put together some tips which might help. These are generic and can apply to a range of different platforms but don’t forget that each developer will have created online video guides to help you navigate the various functions available for their specific application which might help too.

Here’s to happy meetings!

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