#Power of Youth


June 3rd 2020 is the launch of  the #PowerofYouth Camapign  –  a nationwide collaborative effort in response to the pandemic aiming to celebrate young people’s contributions, empower more to take positive action and ensure that their voices help shape the future.

As educators across The Linking Network we know the impact of the insight and action that children and young people offer. In Bradford we were proud to witness the impact of Youth Ambassadors supporting council communications about Covid19 to young people and know of young people packing and distribution of packs to refugee families in the city.

Anyone who believes in supporting and empowering young people is welcome to take part in the campaign! If you’re looking to get involved you can download the Power Of Youth guide here from the #iwill campaign.  In our Secondary Linking Programme in 2020-2021 all our linking students will be engaged in exploring the #PowerofYouth.

There are  a number of other ways to get involved in the campaign.


Record a “Thank You” video 
Record, or ask others to record, a 30 second ‘Thank You’ video to young people.
Share the graphics
Spread the message about the #PowerOfYouth by sharing these brand new graphics.
Spread the word
Tweet to recognise the amazing work young people are doing using #PowerOfYouth
Hand over your social media
Amplify youth voice – have a young person or group of young people takeover your social media channels for the day.