5th July 5pm /together: The Big Thank You! – calling schools and families to help children to create art


You may have seen that Sunday, 5th July is the 72nd birthday of the NHS and to celebrate there will be a national one-off clap at 5pm; we think it presents a great opportunity for linking children to become involved.

Who is behind it?

/together: a coalition that includes the BBC, NHS, ITV, The Jo Cox Foundation, Scouts and The National Lottery, amongst others, is inviting us all to join together to say a big “thank you” to everyone who is helping us through these difficult times…and make a promise to each other to get through the months and years ahead, together!

 What is happening?

It’s a great opportunity for children to get involved and get creative; make posters, decorate t-shirts, decorate their window, express what has happened/ is happening and share ideas.

Before the day

In the run-up to 5th July children can say a personal thank you to someone who matters to them by getting creative; drawing their own eye-catching ‘Thank you’ / or printing one of these downloadable artists/together templates (scroll down the link  page for more) or these: 1, 2, 3 ;  dedicating it to someone and displaying it in their window. Teachers and parents click here for our 5th July at 5pm #ThankYouTogther PowerPoint to support children with ideas and examples for making a poster.

Through the next week we think it’ll provide a good opportunity for children to reflect and talk and contribute their own thank you whether they are learning at home or in school. Perfect for playground chalks we think!

On the evening of July the 4th

Put a light in a window to remember those we have lost. National landmarks will also be lit up as part of a collective memorial so that will be great for families to show children.

On July 5th at 5pm

A national one-off clap to say thank you to everyone.


A chance for us to thank each other – our friends, family and neighbours – for looking out for us, helping the vulnerable, or simply doing the right thing and staying at home.

There are more details here  /together 5pm 5th July thank you event and a gallery of thank yous to view

 We would love to see any photos of artwork that your children make! If you can, please do tweet photos of your exchanges using @togethercoalit #ThankYouTogether. You can tag us in as well @Linking_Network #schoolslinking