Bringing the Linking Year to a Close


As we approach the end of the Summer term, we would like to send huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to linking this year. Your involvement with The Linking Network is very much appreciated and despite the changes due to the Covid-19 lockdown, many special moments have still been shared as a result of your creativity and commitment. We can’t wait to continue our journey with you all next year!

Schools and classes are learning in quite different ways now; we thought some of you may be interested in finding ways for children to bring their linking year to a close.

This could be by coming together to watch a Celebration Day powerpoint;  receiving or exchanging a certificate (with and without dates);  sending a rainbow message to thank a linking class (using our template or designing your own);  or perhaps a  game?

Whatever works for you!

Do let us know what you have decided to do with your class; if you can, please tweet photos of your exchanges using @Linking_Network #schoolslinking