Gender Stereotype Training


Dr Lindsey Cameron, Senior Lecturer, Psychology Department, Kent University is working with The Linking Network as researcher in residence. She is an expert in the development of prejudice and stereotyping in children and has  twenty years of experience in the design and evaluation of prejudice-reduction interventions for use in schools, with particular expertise in inter-group contact theory.  To read her 2019 piece on Research underpinning the Linking Process click here

Not only is she providing us with invaluable insights into our work, but also keeping us up to date with quality training resources that Kent University has created, that supports the work we do.

Lindsey has created a Gender Stereotype Training resource, a collection of free, short,  online lectures,  aimed to provide parents and education professionals with a psychological insight to how gender stereotypes develop in children. The areas with covered range from gender stereotyping in the early years, to the role of media on children’s gender stereotypes. They are easy to dip into and we think will be of interest to everyone who works with children.

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