Plunge into The River of Forgiveness, Walk the Street of Equality…


The Forest of Respect… a poem written by children in Year 5 at Mersey Drive Primary and Park View Primary School in Bury

… is where everyone is welcome.

… makes you feel tranquil.

… feels like home sweet home.

… soothes your soul.

Earlier this year, Bury Schools Linking Programme approached Community Arts North West to lead a series of drama workshops, where children met their linking partners for the first time in a neutral venue, the Polish Social Centre in Bury.  In sessions led by Chelsea Morgan and Jade Williams from Community Arts North West, children took part in a practical drama and creative writing workshops. They worked together with their linking partners; found connections and built new relationships. They talked together, contributed to and presented a group poem which reflected their learning and their thoughts. Together they created this beautiful poetry anthology, we think it deserves to be shared far and wide!



Janna Welsby, CLAS (Curriculum and Language Access Service) Bury Council –

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