Linking in Leeds: a positive launch just before lockdown


We are very excited that Leeds City Council and Leeds DEC, who launched their linking partnership with TLN at the end of 2019, were able to bring pairs of classes of linking children together before lockdown began in March.  The excitement began, with classes meeting for the first time at the neutral venue (Leeds Art Gallery) organised by Leeds DEC, with activities lined up, linked to wide ranging aspects of curriculum.

Linked pairs of Classes from Hovingham Primary, Beechwood Primary, Weetwood Primary, Greenmount Primary, Grimes Dyke Primary and St. Chads Primary enjoyed playing games, creating a sculpture in small groups, exploring the gallery and creating portraits of their partner.

It was interesting and encouraging to see how much the children grew in confidence throughout the day, and how some of the children bonded very quickly with children from their link school. We love the photographs!






Here are some of our favourite overheard quotes:

“My nose looks like a carrot!” “My nose looks more like a boot!”  (When the children were drawing each other in pairs)

“Can we sit with our new friends?”

“The children from our partner school are really confident and kind!” 

” This is so much fun!”

One answer to the question ‘What have you learnt today?’

“I learnt my partner is the bestest friend I’ve ever made. He is really kind!”

The teachers shared their impressions of the programme:

“Brilliant initiative, its made us think we want to start even younger with our children”

“Really nice for our kids to have this kind of interaction. We have used the games and activities with key worker children and the themes of identity and community have been really important to focus on during this time”

“Our school doesn’t really mix with any other schools so this is really important. The children gelled together really quickly and had a wonderful shared experience.”

All the teachers that took part in the programme are keen to carry on with the programme next academic year; we can’t wait!

If you would like to find out more about the Leeds Linking Programme, please contact Hannah Langdana at Leeds DEC          

tel: 0113 3731767

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