Becoming Citizens of the World: Linking in Oldham


“The Schools Linking Network reinforces our Vision and Mission statement and underpins our school motto of ‘Working Together’’. Through our effective school link our staff and pupils engage with and learn about other Oldham children, with different cultures, beliefs, lives and experiences. This knowledge and understanding of differences and similarities fully prepares our pupils for life in modern Britain and encourages them to be Citizens of the World”.     

Headteacher, Oldham Schools Linking Programme

The Oldham Schools Linking Programme   creates opportunities for pupils to learn and socialise with others they would otherwise not have met; helps them develop skills to understand and respect other people ideas, feelings and values and also contributes to helping them to be active, caring citizens who contribute to society. We will still be forging these connections in 2020-21, though in different ways.

Led by the Young People Service, which is part of Oldham Council, the Oldham Schools Linking Programme started in 2001 and is a great success. In 2019/20 we have brought together 69 primary classes from 38 primary schools across the authority, engaging an amazing 2,200 pupils.  The Schools Linking Network is also a key partner to the new Oldham Pledge Initiative in Oldham, ensuring positive opportunities to develop key character traits, for children and young people’s futures.

Contact:  Suzy Ashworth, Young People Services, Oldham Council

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