Making Connections across Nottinghamshire


The Nottinghamshire Schools Linking Programme launched in 2018, led by the Achievement and Equality Team at Nottinghamshire County Council, with support from The Linking Network. Through a carefully planned and research-led approach, underpinned by Social Contact Theory, it supports teachers to facilitate meaningful and positive sustained social mixing.  A year-long programme of structured visits for paired classes and curriculum work, equips learners with the skills, confidence and knowledge to thrive in modern Britain.  CPD training enables teachers to support their learners to develop trust, empathy, awareness and respect.

Although it is still a relatively new programme, the Nottinghamshire linking teachers feel very positive about both their training and the effect of linking on their pupils: Some teachers have linked before: I am looking forward to having new pupils taking part in the programme.

CPD was: Informative interesting supportive; I really enjoyed the sessions and (was) given lots of ideas; . ‘… interesting, interactive, fun, as well as informative, detailed and socially useful;  (reminding us of...) the power of being different!; ‘… well organised, thought provoking and passionate.’; teachers left with ‘…an understanding of how linking works and (enjoyed) meeting my link partner (plus got new) ideas!’

CPD and linking may take different forms in the coming year, but the Nottinghamshire County Council team leading linking have no doubt that Nottinghamshire children and teachers will continue to thrive through the connections they make and are committed to supporting the impact.


Koni Rakhit and Annie Kershaw, Achievement and Equality Team, Nottinghamshire County and