Long Standing Linking Relationships


The Faith & Belief Forum Schools Linking Programme in London was established in 2007, working across a number of local authorities. Our aim is to match students from different cultural or faith backgrounds in order to explore issues of identity, community and belief. Link days are centred around students improving their communication and interfaith skills (critical thinking, empathy, dialogue) and engagement has gone from strength to strength; we are committed to making a difference to the lives of the young people in our community.

London Linking 2019/20 has seen the establishment of multiple partnerships alongside the growth of well-established relationships.  One of these established links is Guru Nanak Sikh Academy & Moriah Jewish Day School who have been in our cohort for years and last year continued to host well-planned and expertly executed link days complete with student presentation, pair and group work, structured play and meaningful bonding between the two school communities. On their second link day, one student commented that:

‘I’ve learnt that even if you’re a different religion or colour, if someone is kind-hearted from inside, you can be friends. It’s been great to overcome our fears and get to know other people’.

Another long-standing partnership, between North West London Jewish Day School and Islamia Primary School, saw the host children learning how to count to ten in Hebrew ahead of their first link day in order to warmly welcome their partner class! The facilitation of activities and careful setting of discussion round rules by teachers meant that a great deal of trust and openness was fostered among the students. The final session of the day saw an honest and engaging Q&A between the students who displayed maturity, sensitivity and curiosity. Of the programme, the NWLJDS lead Linking teacher said:

‘We’re raising a generation of children who will have been taught not to hate. I honestly think linking is the most important thing I’ve ever done in my life’

“We’re raising a generation of children who will have been taught not to hate”


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