Thank you to our Neutral Venue: Bolton College


The Bolton Schools Linking Programme  is led and hosted by the Achievement Cohesion & Integration Service (ACIS), Bolton Council, with support from The Linking Network. ACIS supports children and young people who are new to Bolton, to access education and see linking as a crucial contribution to their work.  The Programme has grown over time, since it began in 2013.  This year, teachers from 29 different primary schools have been leading links between 44 classes. In the Autumn Term, year 2 children from St. Saviour Church of England Primary School and Brownlow Fold Primary School met for the first time at Bolton College, who generously hosted, planned and delivered a ‘Connecting Classrooms’ event at no cost to schools.







Students at the college who are enrolled on an Activity Leadership or Sports Leadership unit, plan various physical activity sessions to meet the needs of all the individuals of the schools which attend a Neutral Venue Visit.  The students encouraged the linking children to communicate and socialise with each other through sport and physical activity. The children had a lot of fun whilst getting to know each other, building on what they have discovered through previous exchanges of work – for example letters, poems and pictures sent earlier in the Autumn term.


Yousif Islam

Nicola Mahon

ACIS (Achievement, Cohesion and Integration Service), Bolton Council