Proud of our achievements: Linking in Luton 10 Years On


The Linking Network in Luton, led by Luton First Teaching School Alliance on behalf of Luton Borough Council, is as strong as ever and helps us to bring our communities together.

We are very proud of the links we have forged between schools, and many individuals continue to maintain these even after the project has ended. We are also very proud of the organisations in Luton which support the Linking Network and do other important work in the community, such as Bedfordshire Police, Luton Council of Faiths and Luton Culture. We work together to try and include our young people in the development of a varied, diverse and enthusiastic community.  We began linking in 2009; in the 2019/20 linking year we were excited to have 42 classes taking part in the project, engaging an amazing 1260 children from 16 primary schools!

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