A really exciting opportunity and a fantastic chance for young people to take part in meaningful social action!


TLN has partnered with My Home Life to develop a model for Intergenerational Linking; promoting young people’s engagement with care homes for older people through the #iwill fund and The Dunhill Medical Trust.

The Linking Network has been awarded funding to develop and lead a local project in Bradford whereby schools and youth organisations will be linked with a local care home for older people. As with Schools Linking, this will be a non-contact model and will offer the opportunity to create meaningful relationships between generations even in a time of social distancing. Funding is now available for other organisations to join the project and develop Intergenerational Linking in other local areas.

There will be a webinar at 4pm on the 7th October, where the project team will share a bit more information about the project and will outline the grants available to co-produce Intergenerational Linking in your local area.

Sign up to the webinar is available here along with supporting documentation:


Applications will be assessed, and grants awarded by The Dunhill Medical Trust.  The application portal will open on the 7th October and the deadline for submission is 13th November

For further information, please get in touch:  amy.lock@thelinkingnetwork.org.uk