Film Launch: Kindness through Social Action


Our new Online Theatre Play for linking and social action in primary schools is now available!

We are so excited to announce the launch of the online theatre play, specially created for us by M6 Theatre, Rochdale. It is available to all schools on our website and is built into our Virtual Primary Schools Linking 2020-2021.

‘When We Started Singing’ by Mike Peacock, tells an uplifting story set during lockdown, where we meet a kind, elderly man, Mr Popple, who has only his pet tortoise for company.  Mr Popple finds himself quite lonely during lockdown and comes up with an ingenious way to connect with his neighbours. His acts of kindness transform the strangers on his street into friends (and pop stars!) and a community is born. Here is a trailer for the film.

The film lasts just under 20 minutes and is freely available to all schools. It includes a BSL tutorial to learn how to ‘sign’ along with the song, so whilst children can’t sing with their voices in school – they can sign with their hands and hearts!

The M6 Theatre partnership with The Linking Schools Network is well established and highly valued. Through a magical shared experience of enjoying a production together and carefully planned follow up participatory activities, we hope to help cement the friendships between partnered schools, assisting children to better understand themselves, each other, and the world around them and to see ways they can take action to make the world a kinder more connected place. Launching as part of iwill week helping children see the many ways within their reach now they can benefit others and at the same time enrich themselves is so important.

To support schools in using the new theatre play, we have also created a primary assembly PowerPoint for #iwill week, which can be downloaded to share with children to help them think about community, kindness and social action in 2020. The PowerPoint includes three fully recorded assemblies written for KS2 pupils that schools can watch and then distribute to their classes to watch in their bubbles.

We hope by watching and talking about the film, the children can reflect on their own experiences of lockdown, reconnect with each other, consider what helps build a kind and connected community and find their voice again in a joyful context.  The play, fun follow up activities and Kindness Assemblies are all freely available for everyone to use and are available to download here.

Below is a brief overview of each Kindness Assembly:

Assembly 1:   “When We Started Singing” centring around kindness and the character of Mr Popple.

Assembly 2:  A follow up from the play, reflecting on the different ways we can be kind to each other.

Assembly 3: A focus on social action and kindness towards the world and nature. Children will have the opportunity to think about how they can look after the environment and make an environmental pledge as part of #iwill4nature.