Parents and Children have a bidirectional impact upon one another


Dr Lindsey Cameron, Senior Lecturer, Psychology Department, Kent University is Researcher in Residence  with us at The Linking Network  and is providing us with valuable research insights into our work.  Lindsey has created a new webinar for us, Intergroup contact & children’s intergroup attitudes: The role of parents which she presented at our recent Network Meeting in December.

The webinar, which can be found here helps us reflect about the powerful role of parents in cultivating confidence in contact and positive intergroup attitudes. The research highlights the significance of bidirectional impact that parents and other family members have on children and young people – and that they in turn have on their families. It reminds us that parents create the environment their children inhabit  – and how, as schools, we can support families by providing quality resources. At The Linking Network we have developed a wealth of family engagement resources.that schools can select from to share with families for them to use at home.  These resources are created to help immerse families and children in the experience of the linking programme, but can also be used by schools in the classroom.

Dr Cameron has created a number of webinars here to support practitioners seeking to understand research that underpins best practice in social contact theory;  this research is crucial for helping us understand how  we can positively impact on children’s attitudes to others.