Class to class virtual linking works!


Last term we launched our shared online theatre experience, produced for us by M6 theatre.  In spite of the restrictions in place at the time, virtual linking was possible with many classes sharing the M6 play and related resources and producing some wonderful, thoughtful work as a result!

Deeplish and St Mary’s RC Primary, Littleborough shared their ideas for the morals of ‘When we Started Singing’ with M6 Theatre on Twitter ; as did Deeplish and Caldershaw Primary Schools here;  both groups share some lovely ideas about how to care for each other and ourselves… we agree – kindness is the best- and we all need a friend.

We encourage everyone to take a look at this inspirational theatre, it is free and there are additional resources, like this kindness assembly powerpoint to support teachers, making it easy to use.  We also have some really valuable Sign Supported English clips that you can incorporate into your virtual linking programme this year. Find out more









Take a look at St Peter’s CE and St Joseph’s CE in Rochdale, meeting for the first time online here. Their virtual linking day was a huge success with lots of fun in the class room and some thoughtful discussion and a poem:



4C -St. Peter’s Church of England School

Our class is like no other, there are some things you should know,

Our class is like no other, let us tell you before you go.

We’re really good at gymnastics and being the good soil
We’d like to show your our playground
We like to play the name game
We can make you laugh by pulling silly faces
We’re good friends to have because we make each other laugh
Our class is like no other, there are some things you should know,
Our class is like no other, no it’s time for us to go




Although class to class linking is currently paused due to lockdown,  we hope it will resume in the late Spring/ Summer.  In the meantime children, families and their teachers continue to explore how we can all live together well with many resources available for remote learning available from TLN here  

For more information about the Rochdale Schools Linking Programme, please contact:

Erica Field, Equalities Team, Rochdale Borough Council –

Or follow us on Twitter  @RochdaleCouncil