Engaging Families in Linking is Key


Engaging families in their child’s experience of the Schools Linking journey can make a huge difference to the impact of the programme on children. We think this is particularly important at the present time.

We know the powerful role of parents in the linking process, based on research done for us by Lindsey Cameron, our researcher in residence (the role of parents);  that the impact of linking is bi- directional, with parents influencing their children but equally children influencing their family’s thinking, so that the work can spread beyond the school gate into the community.

Engaging families in linking can be as simple as sharing the linking work through a class newsletter or an online assembly for families or inviting families to share recipes, games, hopes and dreams for the linking classes to share.  There are lots of resources available on the TLN website outlined below.

Schools Linking

There are more than 20 different resources available for Schools Linking teachers to select ideas to send home for families to enjoy including Names, Hopes and Dreams, Recipes, Family Games, Sign Supported English…

We particularly recommend the M6 Theatre/TLN collaboration of, When We Started Singing.   Meet Mr Popple and consider the impact of caring for those in our neighbourhood


Parent Home Learning Resources for Parents to select from 

We continue to add to the Home Learning Resources on our Website: https://thelinkingnetwork.org.uk/resources-2/home-learning-resources/  Family engagement activities for primary include — storytelling, craft activities and fun challenges as well as resources for Secondary Pupils and Intergenerational connection.  An appealing resource is ‘Drawings that Speak to us’; using images from Charlie Macksey’s book, families can explore and discuss feelings or thoughts that come from the images.

There are also Fun Challenges that include all sorts of great ideas that are easy to do at home during the holidays or if children are learning at home for any reason. You could choose to  make a green heart to #Showthelove for our world or send a post card to a care home…


Teacher Home Learning Resources which can be sent home

Other activities linked to community kindness and being aware of others can be found in the Intergenerational section of Parent Home Linking –  such as writing postcards of kindness, or in the ‘How do we all live together’ area: the  ‘Love Your Neighbours’ activity, the possibilities are endless!

Further resources support families to learn a new skill together, whilst considering Linking principles, these can be found in the Sign Supported English videos.   The video ‘Incredible Me’  https://vimeo.com/459425386 also works well with Incredible Activities in the Good to Talk Section of Parent Home Learning.



FacebookThe Linking Network – support for families learning at home 

This page highlights activities, resources and offers family friendly support. This includes TLN resources and  links to wider organisations that complement the work of Schools Linking with activities that families can participate in. or example –



Finally, Twitter –  https://twitter.com/Linking_Network , primarily aimed at Teachers and Educators. Teachers, schools and parents can follow and engage with TLN nationally as well as locally.

Twitter @Linking_Network #homelinking


All of these resources are freely accessed; they do not need a login, password or details of any kind.