Relaunching Virtual Linking


As we move towards the 8th March and the full re-opening of schools,  we are thrilled to be able to get class to class linking, that had paused, underway again, with classes connecting virtually from within the classroom. Here at TLN, we are busy training teachers and constantly impressed by the heartened responses we have from colleagues about the work we are all doing.

‘The Linking Network builds in a curiosity about the other and about someone who is different… in the most positive sense of the word. A curiosity that yearns to connect with the other and that recognises that there is joy to be had out of this connection…. children who go through the Linking Network, without a question, will grow up to be adults who reach out more, who are more curious to be part of the conversation… because they’ll have had positive encounters as children with other children who are different to them. I think there’s something really special about that and not only special, but necessary and urgent in the world that we’re in today.’  Alia Al Zougbi, Head of Global Learning London and Tower Hamlets facilitator.

We never expected in this challenging year for schools, that so many committed teachers and Heads would prioritise linking in the way they have done; we now have 29 areas across the country and over 30,000 children in total, who will be linking in 2021.

Overwhelmingly over the years, we’ve been supported by The Linking Network to do CPD with our teachers in Buckinghamshire. And the feedback from teachers has been fantastic. They have told us that The Linking Network has opened their eyes to opportunities for young people to engage with children in other schools who they would not normally ever meet. The teachers develop their own relationships with their colleagues in other schools. In fact, we’ve got teachers who say to us that The Linking Network enabled them to have a new best friend. And I think professionally, as teachers it’s broadened their horizons and their understanding of how to embed equalities, diversity, community cohesion through the spiritual, moral, and cultural curriculum that they follow in schools.  I believe in the project. Yvette Thomas,  Qualities and School Improvement Manager at Buckinghamshire Council and Buckinghamshire Facilitator

Our CPD is going well, with so many positive comments from teachers, here are just a few from a recent training session in Calderdale:

Looking forward to taking part in the Linking Network process again this year. It’s great to see how the wonderful resources have been adapted to the current situation.

The meeting has been very helpful, and I am surprised at how well resourced and organised the project is.

Also, brilliant to be working alongside someone who has taken part previously in the project as it is my first time.

Didn’t know what to expect but I’m pleased now the planning’s been done! I’m looking forward to exchanging materials and teaching the lessons. 🙂

We would like to reach out to any schools and areas in the country who would like to join our network. Please do get in touch if you are interested in joining us