Schools Linking Recruitment for 2021-22 Taking Place


Schools Linking programmes across the country are recruiting pairs of schools who would like to create class to class links with each other.  Flexible, virtual primary and secondary programmes, written by teachers, tested in schools and designed to meet schools needs through these key questions: Who am I? Who are we? Where do we live? How do we all live together?

The Linking Programme is a year-long programme of structured lessons/ shared experiences (which are currently virtual but may be run face to face in the spring/ summer terms) for paired classes;  curriculum work equips learners with the skills, confidence and knowledge to thrive  and connect.  The Network’s training enables teachers to support their learners to develop trust, empathy, awareness and respect. Tried and tested resources are employed in the classroom and the resulting work is exchanged between the pairs of schools.

In addition to its schools linking programmes, The Linking Network develops primary and secondary resources and delivers training to school leaders and teachers on leading SMSC for a cohesive society, from curriculum to whole school, we also produce resources for intergenerational Linking  and  learning through social action.  A wealth of evaluation studies consistently show the value of the work and can be viewed here.

Get in touch with your local facilitator here or contact us  for more information.

Want to know more ? Click here to see a short 3 min video of Schools Linking in action