Spotlight on Secondary Resources: Holocaust Memorial Day Assembly 2022


This year Holocaust Memorial Day will be on the 27th January 2022.









For this assembly, we have adopted the ‘one day’ theme from (who also have their own secondary assemblies and further guidance that you might want to look at). This theme can be explored in several different ways: For example, it could be reflecting on one particularly traumatic day when everything changed for the worse and it could also be a day of hope when suffering is finally over… Or even a day in the future that we should all be working towards; a day of peace, unity and reconciliation.

Please click here for the TLN version of the Holocaust Memorial Day assembly: HMD Assembly 2022

We have also found this guidance from The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust on teaching about the holocaust really useful (

Some points from the guidance are highlighted below:

  • ‘Do not use graphic images to shock students’
  • ‘Do not ask students to imagine themselves in the shoes of victims – or perpetrators’
  • ‘Avoid simple answers to complex questions. Be open with your students about the fact that the Holocaust and genocide raise difficult and complex questions about human behaviour However, make it clear that the facts of the Holocaust are not open to differing views – 6 million Jews were murdered, gas chambers were built and used. ‘
  • Holocaust is defined as ‘the attempt by the Nazis and their collaborators to murder all the Jews in Europe. Important pupils understand ‘It wasn’t all German people, it was the Nazis and their collaborators, including people from other countries.’
  • It is also important to note students may have been exposed to Holocaust and genocide denial views online. This may mean that part of your session or follow up work will include dismantling this misinformation. Discussing reliable and unreliable sources of information may help your students to navigate what they are reading online. You can also look at the 10 stages of genocide poster as a class (link here) Holocaust Memorial Day Trust | Ten stages of genocide poster (


Please look at our website as we have lots of other resources that will be useful for your tutorial and assembly programs, as well as enhance your SMSC and PSHE provision.

Here is a link to the HMDT 2022 page for primary schools 

We also have primary resources and assemblies using the HMD 2021 theme ‘Be the Light in the Darkness ‘


We have created  a PowerPoint and video with voice-overs to be used for upper KS2.  The Recorded Assembly PowerPoint highlights the actions of those who stood up against hate and prejudice and encourages children to think about how they can be a light in the world.  It is based on the ideas suggested by HMD which you can find here in full. You can also find the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust  primary assembly for 2021 here.

Ideas for creating your own Holocaust Memorial Day candle