Getting in on the (Phase 2) Action!


For children and young people there are so many exciting things about phase 1 of Linking: new friends, fabulous books, passionate debate and a chance to have a (virtual) nosy around a classroom in another school. Phase 2 doesn’t just repeat these opportunities, it builds on them.  Perhaps the most exhilarating way it does this is by giving the children agency.

Agency; the ability make a choice that impacts meaningfully on the world around us, has been sadly lacking for so many children during lockdown.  Staying home, protecting the NHS and saving lives was vital.  It also took away many of the chances young people had to make their own decisions.  Phase 2 gives this back in spades!

During phase 2, children explore what they care about and how, as individuals and as a collective, they can take action to change the things they care about for the better.  For many children this is more than a lesson, it’s a profound realisation.  Amongst the developing friendships and sense of shared objectives, they get the chance to do more than just talk about what is important to them.

As is right and proper, the social action choice is child led.  Teachers guide the process with carefully planned activities, but the ownership of the idea rests firmly with the class.  A social action pledge is made and pledges are exchanged with the link class…. and then? Well, phase 3 sees their pledges set in motion. After all, agency isn’t just about knowing you can make a choice, it’s also about taking action!

The Summer Term will see a wonderful opportunity to share the learning and reflect on the whole year, during the Schools Linking Celebration Week 13-17th June.