Celebrating Others and Building Community


In the midst of such difficult times, we are seeking the positives, and so grateful to be involved in work that celebrates our differences and cares about bringing people together. Over 29,000 pupils are signed up to Linking this year, with over 900 primary and secondary teachers and headteachers choosing to include Linking in their curriculum offer. We are delighted with the feedback:

The training has been joyful – its very highly valued as an antidote to the last couple if years, Buckinghamshire Facilitator

This is our second year of taking part in the Linking Project and the children have already gained so much. With Covid restricting many parts of our lives, the Linking Programme offers an opportunity to connect with others, celebrate others and feel part of another community. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the remote calls, work sharing and shared experiences and are looking forward to hopefully meeting our Linked school in person.  Linking teacher

I’d say that it has helped bring all of the class back together after having such a disjointed 18 months.

[linking has shown children] we don’t exist just in our little bubble, but then in other parts of the country and we can link them, we can talk to them, we can learn from them.

It’s about building communities and giving people an opportunity to be seen and valued

The impact of Covid continues to be felt, and in schools we can see how much children (and adults) have missed being together. Schools Linking offers a safe way for children to start reconnecting with each other and looking beyond their immediate environment to build friendships with people they might not otherwise come into contact with,  Bury Linking Facilitator

The programme offers so much opportunity for discussion – we looked at Islamophobia and how to be an up-stander not a bystander, secondary teacher