World Poetry Day: an opportunity for reflection and connection


Today is World Poetry Day. Poetry holds an important place in our hearts, and in the curriculum; it can having a positive effect on social and emotional well being, offering a valuable channel for expressing our thoughts and feelings, whilst finding meaning and connecting.  The image above is an extract from a poem we love called Together by award winning poet, Matt Goodfellow. Matt has shared some fabulous poems with us, for which we are so grateful.  Start Now is another of Matt’s poems.  Linking classes may be listening to  Start Now by Matt Goodfellow this week, as part of their Social Action work in Phase 2.

We use poetry in a number of primary and secondary lessons we have created, some of it written by Matt,  it can provide a non-threatening starting point for encouraging self-reflection. It can be a safe way for children to think about and share the influences that have shaped their identities and process their thoughts. It also continues the process of connecting, as children find unexpected similarities and differences between themselves and others in a group.

Poetry is a great starting point for inspiring our Linking classes to explore their thoughts on their own identity and compose  poems about themselves; here are some examples I am, Who I am – some Year 4 children recite their poems, based on the poem ‘Where I’m from’ by George Ella Lyon.