Become a Care Home Friend in our 10 week Challenge


We’re inviting schools, families and community groups to join our 10 week Intergenerational Linking Challenge.

Through the challenge, young people aged 5-14 will:

  • think more about different ages and different generations
  • learn about care homes and the people that live and work in them
  • make/ write something to share with a nearby care home


How does it work?

  • Sign up at: Once you’ve signed up we’ll email you a worksheet filled with fun activities that take young people on an exciting intergenerational journey. Each week will cover a new theme with a bit of information about the topic and different activities to try.
  • These activities can be completed in class or a youth group session, as a homework activity, or as an individual activity supported by a parent/guardian. There will be different versions suitable for Key Stages 1, 2 & 3.
  • The activities have been designed by teachers working on our wider Care Home FaNs: Intergenerational Linking project and have curriculum links.
  • We hope everyone enjoys taking part and encourage you to share photos and updates with us!
  • At the end, participants will receive a care home friend certificate. If interested, we can also provide further support in sustaining the connection made with your local care home.


Who are Care home Friends and Neighbours: Intergenerational Linking?

Care Home Friends and Neighbours: Intergenerational Linking is a partnership between The Linking Network and My Home Life England  (an evidence-based, practice informed initiative, that promotes quality of life and delivers positive change in care homes for older people). The project aims to promote young people’s engagement with older people living in care homes across England, in particular young people aged 5-14 years from less socio-economically advantaged backgrounds. The initiative is jointly funded by:  The Dunhill Medical Trust and the #iwillFund from The National Lottery Community Fund and The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

It is the biggest intergenerational project with care homes in England. Over the past two years the project has created some amazing connections and so many stories of joy. We want to give more children across the UK the opportunity to engage in intergenerational social action with care homes and so the ‘become a care home friend challenge’ was born!


Why take part?


  • Intergenerational work positively impacts on children. It can foster empathy, boost self-esteem, broaden world views and improve understanding of topics such as ageing and dementia. It can also lay the groundwork for social action and children wanting to make a difference in the world.
  • Feeling part of the community is key to quality of life for people living in care homes, yet they can sometimes feel disconnected from their local communities and the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated this. Connection to other community members gives a sense of connection and purpose and can boost wellbeing and decrease isolation. Young people will help make this happen.
  • Some young people may not be familiar with care homes and/or have never visited one themselves. Taking part in this challenge will help educate young people about care homes in a fun and engaging way. For older children, this challenge may even bring awareness that these places have the potential to be great places to work.


Find out more and sign up for our challenge here.