Research on Social Action – Can You Help?


Win £250 for your school by completing this short survey from Kent University!

An experienced team of researchers from the University of Kent are carrying out a three-year project looking at the ways children engage in charity, volunteering and ideas of social justice, in primary schools.  They want to hear the views and experiences of schoolteachers, classroom assistants and school leaders, working in school day to day, to capture the real and diverse stories of how children explore these topics and your views on how these ideas do, and should or should not, fit in with school life.  There are no right or wrong answers – this study is not trying to capture the ‘right’ way children engage in charitable giving and voluntary action, but it is looking for what is happening across primary schools. Whatever is, or is not, happening in your school, they really want to hear from you!

Some more reasons to participate:

  • The survey provides a chance to share how your school explores charity, giving and social justice with children, the challenges, and the ways schools work in partnership. There will be chances to be involved further if they are interested and feature on Kent University’s interactive website later in the project
  • There are 8 prizes of £250 for schools to be won. For every teacher/ support staff member who completes the survey, one ticket for their school will automatically be added to the prize draw once they have submitted their response. Multiple staff from each school can complete the survey increasing the number of tickets in the draw.
  • This is the first study of this size to look at projects across primary schools in England and we are looking for responses from all support, teaching, and school management staff, from across a diverse range of schools. We will share all findings and reports with schools, with the aim of sharing learning and practice. Please come and be part of the conversation.


Click here for the Survey

If you have questions or comments, please contact  Dr Emily Lau, ESRC Postgraduate Research Associate

To find out more about the project, please follow this link Educating for Public Good – Research at Kent