Articles and Reports – Social Action

Reports and Reading – selected for teachers and families interested in children and social action.

‘The #iwill campaign defines ‘youth social action’as activities that young people do that make a positive difference to others or to the environment.
It can encompass many different things, from starting a school petition or picking up litter in a local park, to visiting people in a care home or campaigning for action on climate change.’  from


‘For children, kindness is more than an individual act to celebrate; it’s also an embodiment of a set of behaviours, actions and values that are rooted in ideas of fairness and empathy – the building blocks of social justice, equality and democracy. As one six-year-old child told us: “If you are not kind to everyone, then you are just not kind.” Alison Body, Kent University

Click here to read a blog  by Alison Body about children and social action.


‘Young people often lack the cynicism that holds adults back. They have an amazing belief that they can change the world which is incredibly inspiring. I look forward to a time when I don’t have to explain what ‘youth social action’ is, when taking part in fundraising, volunteering and campaigning are a natural part of growing up, and when young people always have a seat at the table when we’re making decisions about the future. What more can you do to help make this vision a reality?’  Charlotte Hill, Chief Executive, Step Up To Serve  writing in the iwill impact report 2019

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